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Guidelines for Choosing a High-Level Physical Surveillance Team

The Minimal Standards

 • Is the physical surveillance team licensed as a private investigation company in the designated state?  Be sure that the practitioners in the field are "licensed private investigators."  They should have their own "individual PI license" or be "employees" of the surveillance vendor company. 

• Is the private investigation business insured with minimal Errors & Omissions of 1,000,000? Consider having the company list you, the client, as an additional insured for a particular assignment.

• Does the private investigation company "specialize" in high-level physical surveillance?  Physical surveillance in the private sector is the most difficult investigative discipline to conduct successfully on a consistent bases, hence requires experienced and highly skilled practitioners who do the job full-time.  

There is a big difference between government and private sector physical surveillance.  Government physical surveillance typically has vast resources to use; in the private sector individual skill sets are much more important due to lack of resources.

• Surveillance practitioners should have significant provable experience in private sector surveillance.  Make sure the practitioners do the type of surveillance you need as a full-time job ... and not occasionally.


 • What type of equipment and communication gear does the team use?  The team should have FCC licensed two-way radios and lawful rapid deployment tools to assist in monitoring the subject.  

What to Watch Out For ...

• ...private investigation companies that do not specialize in "high level" physical surveillances; normally surveillance investigators that exclusively conduct workers' comp and liability surveillances may not be a fit for your sensitive case

• ...physical surveillance is an art form that few can do well so should never assume that just any surveillance investigator can do your assignment properly

• ...private investigation companies that cannot provide at least three credible references that proves their team successfully conducted a high level and sensitive assignment