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Welcome to our elite physical surveillance team website.

Code-5 Team™

Code-5 is a law enforcement radio code that means a physical surveillance is being conducted.

We are an Elite Physical Surveillance Team made up of full-time select surveillance practitioners who have significant private sector experience successfully performing on high-profile and extremely sensitive cases.

About Us

Experts In Discreet High Level Surveillance Operations


C5T conducts counter-surveillance on a client who is traveling to Staple's Center. The client was under a credible threat from a person whose whereabouts were not known.

Video Evidence Taken of Stalker

C5T secures video evidence of a celebrity stalker violating a Temporary Restraining Order.

Intellectual Property Protection

After identifying suspects, C5T makes undercover cash purchase of Marvel figurines that were being sold over the internet prior to the public release of the figurines.

Meet The Team



During the course of the past sixteen years, the best of the best private sector physical surveillance practitioners were recruited to form an All-Star team of the top physical surveillance practitioners in the industry. 

Private sector physical surveillance is the most difficult investigative discipline to perform well on a consistent basis. It is also the most misunderstood, hence the reason there are career altering consequences when unqualified and inept physical surveillance services are used, especially on sensitive cases. 

The Code-5 Team™ is the only private sector physical surveillance service with full-time practitioners who have worked together for over 12 years and with numerous successes on high profile and sensitive assignments. Our credible and select clientele references best tell our story.

We are a California based licensed and insured investigation company. Services are only provided to legal, security and investigative professionals.